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requestaloe tree (aloe barberae) Seedlooking for aloe barberae seed or seedlings to purchase or trade..aleighlaa
Feb 22, 2013
requestmany (not sure) SeedI have lots of seeds to trade for seeds and plants. I will tell ..marsha
Feb 13, 2013
requestPlants I am looking for :)) Plant I like many types of plants: flowering shade and sun plants. tr..mystee
Feb 05, 2013
offerlots of plants Plantmixed iris. lemon grass. privet bush. chinese photenia bush. sp..mystee
Feb 05, 2013
offerlilies , dahlia , iris, daffs. PlantHi - I have these for trade; dahlia - 'sky angel' da..mystee
Feb 05, 2013
offerClemson Spineless Okra Seed20 seeds of Clemson spineless okra from my 2012 garden. Plants ..hollerbillyhill
Jan 30, 2013
offerAcorn Squash SeedI am offering 20 mixed acorn squash seeds from my 2012 garden. M..hollerbillyhill
Jan 30, 2013
requestbird of paradise Planttropical very prettypammy
Dec 30, 2012
offerBasil - italian (Ocimum basilicum) SeedExpiration date Dec 2013rainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerCucumber - marketmore variety (Cucumis sativus) SeedExpiration date Dec 2013rainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerPatty pan squash - white (Cucurbita pepo) SeedExpiration date Dec 2015rainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerMarshmallow (Althaea officinalis) Seedrainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerArnica (Arnica montana) Seedrainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerSorrel (Rumex acetosa) Seedrainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerBurnet (Sanguisorba Minor) Seedrainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerChard leaf beet (Beta vulgaris) Seedrainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerGiant chicory (Cichorium intybus) SeedExpiration date Dec 2014rainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerCress (Lepidium sativum) SeedExpiration date Dec 2014rainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerFlat leaf spinach (hybrid) (Spinacia oleracea) SeedEasier to wash than the regular leaf spinach. Expiration date De..rainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerYellow Candlestick Bush/Candlelabra Bush (Senna Alata/Cassia Alata) SeedWill trade seeds for sundew, venus flytrap, pitcher plant seeds,..moonfire
Oct 08, 2012
offerpitanga cherry brazil (Eugenia uniflora) SeedThe Surinam Cherry, Brazilian Cherry, or Cayenne Cherry (Eugenia..escorce
Sep 10, 2012
requestall SeedHello, You probably have no idea who i am. Well this is not spam..greenhouse4green
May 22, 2012
requestColorado blue spruce (Picea pungens glauca) Seedcimorghe
May 11, 2012
requestBitter Orange ‘Bouquetier de Nice à Fleurs Doubles’ (Citrus aurantium L. subsp. amara (Link) Engler) SeedThis variety has doubled flowers, which develop into double frui..cimorghe
May 10, 2012
requestedible fig (ficus carica) Rooted cuttingI am looking for a hardy fig...rooted cutting or plant. I really..sieker1x
Apr 14, 2012
requestCentaurea SeedPerennial Atractylis, Carduus, Centaurea, Cirsium, Cynara, Echin..thistlegarden
Apr 03, 2012
offerArctium lappa Seedthistlegarden
Apr 03, 2012
requestrose mary Seedit is not common in india and not locally availiablenavajyoth
Mar 27, 2012
requestLilac Tree/Bush Rooted cuttingI'm hoping to get some rooted cuttings for assorted 25-50 l..jblair77
Feb 15, 2012
offerItalian Prune Plum Rooted cuttingHello, I have this kind of plum in my garden. I would love to sw..annasubix
Jan 29, 2012
offerJujube Plant Unrooted cuttingHello, I have in my garden Jujube plant. Would be happy to swap..annasubix
Jan 29, 2012
requestHawaiian Ti Plant (Good luck plant) (Cordyline Fructosa) Unrooted cuttingI'm looking for any of the ti plants, but mostly interested..chiquitasflores
Jan 24, 2012
requestgiant agave Plantddblake
Oct 24, 2011
offerhyacinth bean vine SeedI have the some seeds for this hyacinth bean for trade.ddblake
Oct 24, 2011
requestmaypop/ passion flower Rooted cuttingI'm looking for the edible type of the pasion flower fruit.ddblake
Oct 24, 2011
offerMany types of seed for trade SeedFlowers Purple Datura Blue Batchelor Button Chinese Houses Fox G..lraley
Aug 31, 2011
requesteugenia Seedhi i'm looking for seeds of any rare brasilian fruit ,espec..theo
Aug 30, 2011
offertropical cuttings Unrooted cuttingi have cuttings of several tropical plant such as : alpinia, plu..theo
Aug 30, 2011
requestfig tree (ficus carica) Unrooted cuttinghi i'm looking for herbaceous cuttings of any type of self..theo
Aug 30, 2011
requestANY SeedStarting over after Tornadoes April 27 2011 If anyone has an abu..happygardener
Aug 26, 2011
offerLal Mirch (Red Chilli seeds) SeedChilli Seeds I offer seeds from Red Chilli no Hybrid all i suppl..rizjan
Aug 22, 2011
offerGolden Pathos Rooted Cuttings (Epipremnum aureum) Rooted cuttingI have some Golden Pathos rooted cuttings. They can reach a heig..wrightsfarm
Jul 11, 2011
offerBlackberry Plants (Rubus fruticosus) PlantI have Blackberry plants and roots, will trade for anything else..wrightsfarm
Jul 11, 2011
offerWest Indian pumpkin, squash, okra, scotch bonnet peppers (curbita pepo) SeedWest Indian pumpkin, squash with green skin, scotch bonnet peppe..tropical
Jun 17, 2011
requestblue satin hibicus (rose of sharon) Rooted cuttingLooking for seeds, cuttings, or rooted cuttings Pleasssssse will..salty
Jun 12, 2011
requestanything (?????????) SeedHelp need plants seeds bulbs have to cover a lot of new land I h..charlotte13
May 29, 2011
requestSaffron PlantPls send me free saffron seeds or plants by mailjeejo
Mar 26, 2011
requestChepedak (Artocarpus integer) SeedI am looking for fresh chepedak seed. I am in Australia and it i..rowan
Mar 01, 2011
requestLucuma (Pouteria obovata) SeedI am looking for fresh Lucuma seed. I am in Australia and it is ..rowan
Mar 01, 2011
offerSyringa (Syringa vulgaris) PlantNice perfumed flowers, very easy to grow up. I can exchange wit..ircv
Jan 25, 2011

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