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offerNerium oleander Seedflowers : white colorjaca
Mar 04, 2016
offerTree of life (Moringa) SeedI have seeds to offer. I am from Belize.preciouscar
Nov 10, 2015
offerDevils Club (Oplopanax horridus) SeedI'm looking to trade some organic wild harvested Devils clu..smilee101
Apr 13, 2015
offerSouth American Collection, San Pedro, Chacruna, Ayahuasca, etc. (Salvias, Psychotria, Trichocereus and more) Unrooted cutting*Gymnocalycium spp. ~ "Chin Cactus" *Browningia sp. ca..plantsandpeople
Mar 30, 2015
offerSouth American Collections, San Pedro, Chacruna, Ayahuasca, etc. (Salvias, Psychotria, Trichocereus) Seed>ORDER by EMAIL at or by PLACING Y..plantsandpeople
Mar 30, 2015
offerEvening primrose seeds (Oenothera biennis ) SeedAlso known as "Kings Cure-all", Evening Primrose has a..smilee101
Mar 18, 2015
offerMoringa Seedrubi
Jan 28, 2015
offerVarious Plants seeds (Generic) SeedThese are seeds I have for change Please contact me FiLA Peperon..mrfila
Dec 20, 2014
offercannabis - indica - sativa -ruderalis - hybrid (cannabis sativa l) Seedlooking to exchange cannabis - indica - sativa -ruderalis - hyb..homegrower
Sep 14, 2014
offerStapeliads (Asclepiads) Unrooted cuttingI am Yasir from Pakistan. I have more then 25 species of Stapeli..cactuslover
Jul 20, 2014
offerEpilobe(small flowers) (Epilobium parviflorum) SeedA medical savage plant against prostatic adenome. This plant pre..cbotanic
Jul 03, 2014
offerStapeliads (Asclepiads) Unrooted cuttingHi, I have many stapeliads, like Orbea,Caralluma,Stapelia,Huerni..cactuslover
Jan 08, 2014
offerestevia Seedcambio estevia por semillas de frutas ,ornamentales,medicinal .maria
Jan 02, 2014
offerpink silk tree or mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) SeedFeathery foliage with pink pompom flowers. Can be invasive.hedgewitch
Dec 29, 2013
offerPride of Barbados (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) SeedLovely feathery foliage with bright orange and yellow flowers. A..hedgewitch
Dec 29, 2013
offerHierloom Corn and Sunflower seeds SeedI have heirloom corn seeds - Golden Bantam Corn, Strawberry popc..hortongary
Dec 16, 2013
offerCalendula Bon Bon Mix SeedBenary Smile offers Calendula Bon Bon Mix flower seeds. Calendu..benarysmile
Nov 20, 2013
Nov 09, 2013
offerSmall red hot wild chili SeedFree seeds :) fantastic yield if provided suitable condition, ne..kevin
Oct 11, 2013
offerKey Lime SeedFree seeds :) collected and dried them myself, will take about 8..kevin
Oct 11, 2013
offerPapaya (Carica papaya) SeedFree seeds :) Dozens of dried papaya seeds, just hanging around ..kevin
Oct 11, 2013
offerCinnamon Basil (Ocimun basilicum) SeedFree seeds :) Nice for salads, thrives in full sun. Grows well i..kevin
Oct 11, 2013
offerbitter melon (momordica charantia) SeedI'm a herbalist. Have hundreds of rare and valuable differe..herbalista
Oct 07, 2013
offerPlant seeds SeedWe have sesame seeds,sunflower seeds,Cotton Seeds,Castor Seeds,p..coltdm
Oct 04, 2013
offersedum, autumn joy pink blooms. Plantsedum, autumn joy pink blooms.mistee22
Sep 08, 2013
offermorning glory vine Plantmorning glory vine , deep purple blooms.mistee22
Sep 08, 2013
offerhesperaloe Planthesperaloe, the yucca with a red spike bloom.mistee22
Sep 08, 2013
offerFlame Acanthus Plantperennial bush type plant with red tubular blooms that draws the..mistee22
Sep 08, 2013
offeralkalypha wilkiesiana Plantvariegated tropical looking perennial.mistee22
Sep 08, 2013
offerdragon fruit plant Plantedible, fruit producing plant.mistee22
Sep 08, 2013
offerbrugmansia strawberry cream Plantfragrant shrub, with large pink blooms.mistee22
Sep 08, 2013
offercrown of thorns Planthouseplantmistee22
Sep 08, 2013
offertriosta stromanthe Plantvariegated foliage, tropical looking perennial plant.mistee22
Sep 08, 2013
offerInsulin plant PlantHi, I have rare Insulin plant that is beneficial for diabetic pa..bhawna
Sep 06, 2013
offerAloe Vera PlantI have healthy plants and saplings of Aloe Vera. Interested to e..bhawna
Sep 06, 2013
offerMOONFLOWER PLANT SEEDS-Shrub (Datura Inoxia) SeedWhite Moonflower (Datura Inoxia) plant is considered a tropical ..davidsc88
Jul 26, 2013
offerZinnia SeedZinnia seeds of many colors - purple, red, orange, yellow, white..mfrohrer
Jul 01, 2013
offerKale (Dwarf Siberian kale) Seedmfrohrer
Jul 01, 2013
offerBeach Plum (Prunus maritima) PlantSmall bush with edible plums, easy to grow, even in sand and dun..gaardenier
Jun 20, 2013
offerNandina (Nandina domestica) PlantI have several plants of Nandina. Most are about a foot tall and..treehuggermomma
May 21, 2013
offeripomea ottis and many others (moning glory's ) Seedstripped, light blue w/red veins,light blue heavenly blue and ma..lilmom43
May 12, 2013
offerIris Bulbunknown color large breed iris, 30 bulbs; 18 Spanish bluebells, ..redbar
May 11, 2013
offerbelly of a budda Planti have belly of a budda plant for trade. it is over a year old ..aleighlaa
Feb 22, 2013
offerlots of plants Plantmixed iris. lemon grass. privet bush. chinese photenia bush. sp..mystee
Feb 05, 2013
offerlilies , dahlia , iris, daffs. PlantHi - I have these for trade; dahlia - 'sky angel' da..mystee
Feb 05, 2013
offerClemson Spineless Okra Seed20 seeds of Clemson spineless okra from my 2012 garden. Plants ..hollerbillyhill
Jan 30, 2013
offerAcorn Squash SeedI am offering 20 mixed acorn squash seeds from my 2012 garden. M..hollerbillyhill
Jan 30, 2013
offerBasil - italian (Ocimum basilicum) SeedExpiration date Dec 2013rainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerCucumber - marketmore variety (Cucumis sativus) SeedExpiration date Dec 2013rainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerPatty pan squash - white (Cucurbita pepo) SeedExpiration date Dec 2015rainy
Dec 26, 2012

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