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offerspider lillies BulbI just bought half acre of land and don't have much to trad..tiggyann
Feb 05, 2008
offerOleander SeedMixed colorszone8
Jan 15, 2008
offerConfederate Rose Seedzone8
Dec 12, 2007
offerBleeding Heart "Red and White" Unrooted cuttingI have close to 100 bleeding heart cuttings. The flowers are wh..myrick676
Dec 06, 2007
offerFortnight Lily (Dietes Moraea) Seedzone8
Nov 10, 2007
offerFreckle Face (Belamcanda Chinensis) SeedAlso called Blackberry Lilyzone8
Nov 10, 2007
offerLiatris Blazing Star (Liatris spicata ) SeedPurple inflorescences on 2-3' tall stalks. Approximately 3..gswart
Oct 23, 2007
offerSpider plant (Chlorophytum) PlantI have plants of a reverse spider plant, hybrid spider plants na..bryophyteman
Oct 12, 2007
Aug 31, 2007
offerWillow Tree Strawberry Plants (Weeping willow Strawberry plants) Planti got Weeping willow Starts and Strawberry plants that never die..bws123
Aug 22, 2007
offerblack walnut trees Unrooted cuttingI have walnut trees if anyone wants any let me know.kavon30
Jun 07, 2007
offerMy Trade List SeedI am intersted in many different things than what I have listed...deb
May 25, 2007
offerSpider Plant PlantI have a ton of healthy spider plants throughout my home that I ..greenguyj
May 23, 2007
offerPony Tail Palm or Bottle Palm (Bucarnea Recurvata) PlantMexican producer in Xalapa, Verecruz, Mexico interested into exp..alcastillo
Apr 23, 2007
offerMixed Hollyhock Seed SeedMore seeds then you could imagine! Red, yellow, peach, white, l..algsmith
Sep 24, 2006
offerPurple Tall Bearded Iris PlantThese beauties were in my yard when I moved here, so I do not ha..algsmith
Sep 24, 2006
offerTiger Lilly PlantOften referred to as "ditch lilly" in the midwest. Ve..algsmith
Sep 24, 2006
offerheirloom tomato assortment Seedkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offercolumbines (aquilegia mix) Seedkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offerbreadseed poppy (p. somnferum) Seedkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offeramaranthus (orange giant) Seedkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offercalendula (calendula officinelis) Seedkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offercurly dwarf parsley (prezzemolo nana ricci) Seedkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offersunflower (autumn beauty) Seedkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offerinpatiens Seedkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offerbabys breath (gypsophila muralis) Seedkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offerred poppy (papver rhoeas) Seedkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offernasturtium Seedkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offerblue global thistle Seedkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offerblackeye susan Seedkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offerblackeye susan Plantkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offerforthysia Unrooted cuttingkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offerpussy willow Unrooted cuttingkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offermauva zebrina Plantkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offeriris Bulbpurplekellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offergiant white spider lily Bulbkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
offerSage PlantI have soooo many purple sage plants if anyone is interested. Gr..weepingwillow
Aug 01, 2006
offerPinecone/Shampoo Ginger PlantVery pretty not hardy in my area. I bring it inside for the wint..safetsgirl
Jul 30, 2006
offerCanna Plant I have several cannas to trade. Well established. Burgundy leav..safetsgirl
Jul 30, 2006
offer4 o'clocks (mirabilis jalapa) Seedwould like to trade my seeds for tomatoe seeds already got bette..mlowe
Jul 18, 2006
offerrose of sharon PlantI have lots of healthy rose of sharon plants. Sizes range from 2..msprettyky
Jun 13, 2006
offeriris Bulbbearded lavender...looking for other iris...especially blues. Th..msprettyky
Jun 07, 2006
offerRubber Tree Unrooted cuttingThese cuttings root incredibly fast, my plant is 9 foot tall. Th..crabs
Jun 02, 2006
offerBrugmansia (semi rooted) Pink Unrooted cuttingI have a couple of brugmansia cuttings that have been treated wi..crabs
Jun 02, 2006
offerpeach trees Unrooted cuttingthey are strong and way too many in the yard. don't want to..freedom2u2
May 11, 2006
offerOpium Poppy (papaver somniferum) SeedI have a few grams of these, maybe 5 or so to offer, but I get m..psychoactive
Apr 26, 2006
offerhollyhock, hostas, flower of sharonl Seedi have cuban miny tiny hot peppers, pink hollyhock, hostas, gree..susyflores
Feb 18, 2006
offerflower of sharon Seedi have seeds of flower of sharon. purple, white, also combinatio..susyflores
Jan 21, 2006
offerCastor bean Seedtropical looking plant with huge leaves, grown as an annual here..seabuckthornfarm
Jan 20, 2006
offerBromeliads (Aechmea, Neoregelia, Billbergia) PlantWill trade to US only Rooted pups Aechmea fasciata, Aechmea fasc..pharchack
Jan 12, 2006

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