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requestPuya alpestris or berteroniana PlantI am looking for both the teal-blue and the electric blue forms...verdantdesert
Apr 28, 2009
requestshea nut- jojoba - cocoa- palm- candle nut- neem Seed(butyrosperum parkii)- (simmondsia chinensis)- ((elawis guireens..sudzui
Apr 22, 2009
requestCitronella Plant (mosquito Plant) PlantThis is a green leafy plant that gives off Citronella smell, als..medexam64
Apr 14, 2009
requestWandering Jew Rooted cuttingMy mother and I are looking for starts of a wandering Jew and we..ashleyjohnson
Apr 09, 2009
requestMatillaja Poppy (rhomneya coulteri) Rooted cuttingLarge poppy native to California. White with large yellow center..kacie
Jan 22, 2009
requestmusqee de'Provence,rouge vif d'Etampes,fairytale pumpkins (Curbita spp.) Seed please help! i am looking for any squash seeds you could spare ..owlet
Jan 08, 2009
Dec 22, 2008
requestOrchids PlantI am looking for any orchid.janetgranny
Dec 19, 2008
requestAfrican Violet Rooted cuttingI am looking for any Rooted Cuttings of African Violets. janetgranny
Dec 19, 2008
requestbromeliad Plantany kind; a small plant will do; I need a pink (preferably), red..lovenature
Dec 13, 2008
requestPatala/Padri (Stereospermum suaveolens) SeedAsian version of Tabebuia trees. Flower color varies with specie..vedicplantseeker
Dec 01, 2008
requestIndian Blue "Lotus" (Nymphaea nouchali) SeedBlue Waterlily, slightly fragrant; related to the Egyptian Bl. L..vedicplantseeker
Dec 01, 2008
requestArna (Clerodendrum phlomidis) SeedSticky shrub leaves deltoid to ovate seeds; cream colored flower..vedicplantseeker
Dec 01, 2008
requestKadamba (Anthocephalus indicus) SeedAKA Neolamarckia cadamba; Nauclea cadamba; tree with large paddl..vedicplantseeker
Dec 01, 2008
requestkeli kadamba (Haldina cordifolia) SeedSmall flowering kadamba type tree with smaller flowers 1" (..vedicplantseeker
Dec 01, 2008
requestKata/Box myrtle tree (Myrica esculenta) SeedTree to 10 m tall; fruits bright red. Native from NW India, Sing..vedicplantseeker
Dec 01, 2008
requestwhite sandalwood (Santalum album) SeedTropical hemi-parasitic tree that's the source of the famou..vedicplantseeker
Dec 01, 2008
requestany vegetable seed Seedcarriefenn
Nov 14, 2008
requestasparagas SeedI would like to find some seeds.carriefenn
Nov 14, 2008
requestPrincess Flower (Tibouchina) Seedzone8
Oct 10, 2008
requestany extremly rare seeds Seedi have sunflower seeds if anybody wants to trade herbalkid
Sep 19, 2008
requestMorning Glory SeedLooking for a deep purple variety jen
Sep 13, 2008
requestmatillaja poppy,fried egg plant Planta large California native bush with 4 inch flowers in spring/sum..owlet
Aug 07, 2008
requestWhite Ginger (Hedychium coronarium) Seedzone8
Aug 05, 2008
requestFalse Indigo (Baptisia Australis) SeedWill send SESE or trade for False Indigo seeds.zone8
Jun 29, 2008
requestvariety of seeds needed SeedI need 6 of each of these seeds please. Double Hollyhock Mix ..taz
Jun 17, 2008
requestany plant SeedI am looking for any type of plant to grow(inside or outside) in..kmixon
Jun 10, 2008
requestconeflower (echinacea plant) PlantI have purple coneflower and am looking for other affordable var..joann
May 15, 2008
requestany Planti looking for any kind of house plants and or outside plants i ..flyinlow
May 08, 2008
requestRubbarb Seedgoiano
May 01, 2008
requestAny Succulents (Any) Unrooted cuttingI collect succulents and I was wondering if anyone would like to..dragonfly
Mar 26, 2008
requestbabys breath Seedim looking for any kind of flowers builbs or seeds to put in my..andysangel
Mar 07, 2008
requestany PlantI am currently moving to a new apartment with a bay window. I ha..jennbergan
Feb 22, 2008
requestOdora (Daphne) PlantWould like to find plant, seeds or rooted cuttings. Chetzone8
Dec 24, 2007
requestLenton Rose (Helleborus) PlantWould like to get Lenton Rose and Corsican. Would take seeds or..zone8
Dec 24, 2007
requestANy PlantHI there I am interested in just about anything. In particular ..sarahonline
Dec 15, 2007
requestSalvia Divinorum Unrooted cuttingI would like rooted or unrooted cutttings of this plant. myrick676
Dec 06, 2007
requestgreen wandering jew Rooted cuttingi have the purple but can not find the green one i have a moses ..mousie2008
Nov 21, 2007
requestAngel Trumpet / Day Dreams (Brugmansia) Seedzone8
Nov 10, 2007
requestcatcus, anyhouse plant Rooted cuttingjust moved to Missouri, need house plants catcus, if have any co..yankknee
Nov 04, 2007
requestanything that is avaiable Rooted cuttinghave just moved to Missouri, had to leave all house plants when ..yankknee
Nov 04, 2007
requestAnyindoor plant PlantI am looking for anything that can live indoors spider plants,
Nov 01, 2007
requestChester Virginia area SeedI am interested in anyone in the Chester, VA area that might lik..juliana
Oct 30, 2007
requestHawaiian Spider Plant (Chlorophytum) PlantI have other types of spider plants to trade.bryophyteman
Oct 12, 2007
requestjack in the pulpit seeds or bulbs Plantdoes anyone have jack in the pulpit seeds or bulbs, trillium see..summerysun
Sep 26, 2007
requestThymus Plantsearching a lot of varieties for my thymus collection especially..odile
Sep 21, 2007
requestpaijo (Reques More) Seedmy name Sutama from Indonesia. i'm looking for seeds of ant..paijo
Sep 10, 2007
requestcatnip (nepeta cataria) Plantwould love some good strong catnip, but not catmint....only catn..pamela1
Aug 31, 2007
requestZinnia (any) Seedpamela1
Aug 31, 2007
requestDahlia (any) Bulbpamela1
Aug 31, 2007

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