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requestPumpkin (for pies) Seedany kind good for bakingpamela1
Aug 31, 2007
requestMoney Plant/Honest Seedpamela1
Aug 31, 2007
requestany type bonsai cactus Plantwell I'm looking for any type of plant bonsai cactus succle..blackcat6000
Aug 25, 2007
requestStrawberry Plants Trade For Grapevines (not sure type Strawberry's ) Plantwould like to find someone who is willing to ship one or few Gra..bws123
Aug 22, 2007
requestFoliage anthurium seeds SeedDear sir, my name oplos from bali. i'm looking for seeds of..oplos
Aug 12, 2007
requesttoad lilly Plantjeannine27
Jul 14, 2007
requestFoliage Anthurium Seedinterest about Foliage Anthurium Dear Sir I interest about Folia..mahonimas
Jun 19, 2007
requestrooted gardenia, bat plant, telegraph plant, anything Seedalso looking for anything interesting for bonsai hobby----email ..addictedtoplants
Jun 03, 2007
requestblack carrot Seedelffarms
Mar 25, 2007
requestCreeping Charlie (unknown) Rooted cuttingLooking for creeping charlie cuttingsfriscokhambrina
Nov 09, 2006
requestWandering Jew (unknown) Rooted cuttingLooking for cuttings of the wandering jew plantfriscokhambrina
Nov 09, 2006
requestTubers PlantI love bulbs, corms, roots and tubers. I am interested in all a..algsmith
Sep 24, 2006
requestRoots PlantI love bulbs, corms, roots and tubers. I am interested in all a..algsmith
Sep 24, 2006
requestCorms PlantI love bulbs, corms, roots and tubers. I am interested in all a..algsmith
Sep 24, 2006
requestBulbs BulbI love bulbs, corms, roots and tubers. I am interested in all a..algsmith
Sep 24, 2006
requestRoyal Empress Tree (Paulownia Tomentosa) SeedLoooking for Empress Tree Seeds ,Will trade Mimosa tree seed po..baldk9
Sep 17, 2006
requestspider lily Bulball types and colorskellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
requestplumeria Unrooted cuttingall types and colorskellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
requestcrinum Bulball types and colorskellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
requestblood lily Bulbkellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
requestfoxtail liy (eremurus) Bulball colors and typeskellysgarden
Sep 01, 2006
requestScotch Bonnet Pepper (Capsicum chinense) SeedScotch Bonnet peppers are similar to and of the same species as ..nancyneverdrew
Aug 26, 2006
requestTetrapanex rex PlantI'd like to find a young Tetrapanex rex offshoot. I have a ..phil
Aug 08, 2006
requestred canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea ) Plantgrows up north i m in florida so if someone would send me a plan..sviens
Aug 07, 2006
requestClove PlantI'm looking for actual clove seeds, rooted cutting, plant.weepingwillow
Aug 01, 2006
requestDinosaur food ,Banana Plant (Gunnera) PlantI am looking for a small start of this plant Gunnera. Also Banan..safetsgirl
Jul 30, 2006
requestBrugimisa (Brugs) Rooted cutting Any color have been trying to getthese for awhile prefer rotted..safetsgirl
Jul 30, 2006
requestVarigated Cannas Plant I am looking for varriagted Cannas either bengal tiger (green a..safetsgirl
Jul 30, 2006
requestivy Planti am looking for any ivy to fill in an area of the yard. laura
Jun 18, 2006
requestcelebresa squash Seedsummer squash, green stripe/blotch with a hook on one end and wi..mer
Jun 05, 2006
requestanaheim pepper seeds SeedI can't find any anaheim seeds if anyone could send me some..cathy
May 13, 2006
requestrose Planti am looking for a reen rose. i would like a healthy adult plant..jamie
May 12, 2006
requestaloe Planti really want an aloe plant. if anyone can send one, sorry, i ca..jamie
May 11, 2006
May 11, 2006
requestHOUSE PLANTS PlantWe are looking for any house plants, we do have peach trees, (yo..freedom2u2
May 11, 2006
requestany BulbWe just moved into our very 1st home. Expecting our 1st born in ..freedom2u2
May 11, 2006
requestvanilla orchid Unrooted cuttingvanilla orchid vine....tropical plant.....the beans are used to ..david633
Apr 09, 2006
requestany SeedHi everyone I just bought a new home that has no flowers or tree..melinda
Apr 06, 2006
requestPatchouli Seed I am looking for any type of patchouli plant, seed, cutting, et..sooperkatt
Apr 06, 2006
requestmorning glory climbing vine all Rooted cuttingI am looking for anyone whom would like to share their seeds, pl..charlenetrump
Apr 06, 2006
requestunknown Planti am looking for a plant i don't know the name of it,it is ..riley
Mar 15, 2006
requestgiant rhubarb (gunnera manicata) BulbI have been trying to grow this giant rhubarb from seed and i ge..prkplace
Mar 15, 2006
requestany Seedand type flower or plant with color.starting a new garden.seeds ..red247
Mar 14, 2006
requestwhite dogwood tree Bulbred247
Mar 14, 2006
requestblack carrot SeedLooking for seed for black carrots (not Purple Dragon). Native t..fairwindfarm
Mar 08, 2006
requestWalnut sappling Unrooted cuttingLooking for a least 6 sapplings 3ft tall, I have one planted but..windyinyoder
Feb 25, 2006
requestmorning glory Seedim just starting to learn about plants-first time having a yard ..crystaleyedme
Feb 21, 2006
requestmicrosorium thanandicum Plantrequesting microsorium thanandicum a very rare plant, very coolsparrow
Feb 20, 2006
requestcyclamen SeedI would like cyclmen seed of any color. If you contact me I will..stanfield57
Feb 18, 2006
requestcannas, hydrangea Unrooted cuttingi am looking for cannas and hydrangeas i am willing to tradesusyflores
Feb 17, 2006

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