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requestHibiscus rosa-sinensis PlantWould love any form to have or start this beautiful flowering pl..mluckcuck0903
Oct 15
requestAfrican Violet (Saintpaulia ionantha) Rooted cuttingOpen to any form of adding this flower to my home; plant, rooted..mluckcuck0903
Oct 15
requestSucculents Rooted cuttingWould appreciate any succulent cuttings or extras grow additions..mluckcuck0903
Oct 15
requestPeace Lily (Spathiphyllum) PlantI lost mine years ago & would very much appreciate one again..mluckcuck0903
Oct 15
requestAnthurium, tailflower, flamingo flower, and laceleaf (Anthurium ) Rooted cuttingI would appreciate any sort of the of this beauty; either plant,..mluckcuck0903
Oct 15
requestPink Wandering Jew (PINK Tradescantia) PlantLooking for plant, rooted cutting, or unroofed cutting. mluckcuck0903
Oct 15
requestcactus,ascleps,epiphyllums,orchids ,streptocarpus Rooted cuttingxunna
Jun 17
requestHoyas Rooted cuttingxunna
Jun 17
requestPregnant plant or mother of a Thousand (kalanchoe Daigremontiana) Rooted cutting Its in the succulent family, green with zebra like markings a..shella2061
Jun 15
requestNever never plant (Ctenanthe ) PlantWould like a juvenile or established plant.plantyperson23
May 14
requestWild lettuce PlantWild lettuce for home remediesbob2020m
Apr 09
requestCamellia japonica 'Polar Bear' PlantThis is a white Camellia that I have searched the entire United ..thecitrusguy
Nov 16, 2019
requestHosta PlantI am looking for some late blooming Hosta plants, plants that bl..paty99
Oct 17, 2019
requestString of coins (Hope peperomia) Rooted cuttingrachell2015
Oct 02, 2019
requestAnything Seed SeedI am looking for free seeds, plants or cuttings you are willing ..resttron
Sep 11, 2019
requestAnything SeedI have lost everything and having to start over anything would b..karenrae
Aug 31, 2019
requestFiddle leaf fig Rooted cuttingI am looking for a fiddle leaf fig can be either a cutting or a ..emilysmommy294
Aug 11, 2019
requestSalvia (Salvia divinorum) Rooted cuttingI lost my salvia divinorum during a tornado, I am willing to pay..anthony
Jul 25, 2019
requestAnything PlantI am looking for any free plants or cuttings you are willing to ..prow
Jul 24, 2019
requestplant PlantI would like free reptile safe plantsrelizabeth
Jun 15, 2019
requestFruit trees SeedI would love to receive dwarf fruit trees seeds. kelzz
Jun 10, 2019
requestPawpaw tree (Asimina triloba) PlantWill bear tropical like fruit as it matures.melagrina47
May 27, 2019
requestJupiter's beard (Centrathus) Plantmelagrina47
May 27, 2019
requestFlowering bushes and perennials in zone 5 US Rooted cuttingAny flowering bush/perennial; have Sugar Maple seedlings with ye..jlepley
May 20, 2019
requestAnything Rooted cuttingI'm just starting my yard. It faces east, so full sun in t..sbanks
May 19, 2019
requestSalvia Divinorum Rooted cuttingjohhny3924
Feb 12, 2019
requestPlant Rooted cuttingI am looking for any seed/bulb/cutting/plant that I can grow ind..elisefeld
Jan 09, 2019
requestany SeedI will take any type of vegetable seed or fruit/nut tree cutting..tammyeasley
Sep 04, 2018
requestEucalyptus PlantI'm looking for real eucalyptus any form I can grow ... I ..jenkev625
Aug 10, 2018
requestNicotiana noctiflora Seedlouisechristou
Aug 07, 2018
requestEldelweiss Rooted cuttingbullock903
Jul 22, 2018
requestAllium BulbI am wanting to plant allium gigantiam. I am new an I have thing..mrshershey2018
Jul 01, 2018
requestCalamansi or Calamondin (Citrus Microcarpa) PlantIt is known as Calamansi, Kalamansi, Calamondin Lemon or Orange...noonenoticed
May 01, 2018
requestAngel Trumpet tree PlantI am requesting a starting off of an Angel Trumpet tree. It don&..nitaa
Apr 21, 2018
requestPeppers and tomatoes SeedI am looking for any type of pepper or tomato. Will send postage..samcole617
Mar 15, 2018
requestPassionflower (Passiflora incarnata) Rooted cuttingLooking for a start of this plant. Thanks you so much!medievaldigger
Jan 16, 2018
requestany perennial Rooted cuttingI'm looking for reasonably priced cuttings of preferably bl..luvplants
Jan 07, 2018
requestSalmbär/european dewberries (Rubus caesius) PlantI would take seeds, cuttings, whatever is available! I'm mi..mjukbun
Dec 29, 2017
requestAny house plant cuttings with roots Rooted cuttingI lost all my plants in a house fire earlier this year and now t..kristyl63
Jul 26, 2017
requestPink Kohlrabi ( Brassica oleracea Gongylodes) SeedI'm looking for the purple varietyjavier1441
Jul 12, 2017
requestPhilip Island Hibiscus (Hibiscus insularis) SeedYellow flowering hibiscus from Philip/Norfolk Island. blkwtrrvr
Mar 02, 2017
requestRose Unrooted cuttingI would like rose cuttings, a shrub variety. With full petals on..katrina
Sep 16, 2016
requestTulip tree (liriodendron) Unrooted cuttingI am in looking cuttings, rooted or not or even seeds from the ..ashley74
Sep 11, 2016
requestHeirloom corn, artichoke, Kohlrabi,Parsley SeedI am looking for organically grown seed. I have various seeds to..arasouli91
Sep 02, 2016
requestCabbage, Cauliflower, Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts, Chives SeedI would like organically grown seeds only please.arasouli91
Sep 02, 2016
requestAny succulent Rooted cuttingI am just starting out after losing all my plants after an abrup..dmgk242
Jun 29, 2016
requestNYC Plant Exchange PlantHello - I've looked around for something area-specific and ..nycps
May 01, 2016
requestJimsom weed (Datura stramonium) SeedLooking for any ethnobotanical seedscaligarden
Apr 09, 2016
requestfishy plant (houtynnia cordata) Unrooted cuttingHi i'm looking ror the non variegated version of this plant..taluswood
Apr 05, 2016
requestWhite Bat lily (Tacca Integrifolia) BulbI am looking for rhizomes or plantlet of the white bat lily [Tac..albert
Apr 04, 2016

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