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satanib1231 is requesting patala (Stereospermum suaveolens family: bignoneaceae) Plant

Common Namepatala
Botanical nameStereospermum suaveolens family: bignoneaceae
Date of requestJan 28, 2010 at 1:22am

Stereospermum Suaveolens, Dc
Sun. Biqnonia suaveolens. Roxb.
Sans.: patala

Pάtalά. Vern. Pάrul, Beng. Pάd, Hind.
This is a middle sized flowering tree, a native of Bengal. The flowers are large, of a dark crimson colour and exquisitely fragrant. Steeped in water they impart their fragrance to it. Rubbed up with honey they are given to check hiccup. The root-bark is an ingredient of dasamula ( see Desmodium gangeticum ), and is thus largely used in native medicine. It is regarded as cooling, diuretic and tonic, and is generally used in combination with other medicines. The ashes of this plant are used in the preparation of alkaline water and caustic pastes.
Part used:root, root bark, leaves, flowers, fruits and salts. Therapeutics: Patala is bitter, astringent, cardiotonic, cooloing, tonic and diuretic. It overcomes anorexia, difficult breathing, anasarca, piles, vomiting, hiccough and thirst. It is a constituent of Dashmoola. Root is bitter, heating, useful in kapha and vaata and for inflammations, eructations, vomiting, asthma, fevers, diseases of blood. Root bark is diuretic, cooling and tonic. Flowers are astringent, sweet, agrreable to heart, useful in bleeding diseases and diarrhoea and are rubbed up with honey to check hiccough. They are also taken in the form of confection as an aphrodisiac. Fruit is useful in hiccough and blood diseases.

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