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requestRooted root from Kava kava (Piper methysticum ) Rooted cuttingPlant or roots from kava kava. Any kind.helico
Jan 19, 2016
requestAristolochia climbing plant Rooted cuttingSearch for rooted cuttings of all kind of Aristolochia plants.helico
Jan 19, 2016
offerTree of life (Moringa) SeedI have seeds to offer. I am from Belize.preciouscar
Nov 10, 2015
requesthouse plants/ herbs/medical herbs Planti am looking for house plants, cuttings, herbs, medical herbs, n..1064ldk
Jul 21, 2015
requestWhite coral tree, white cockspur, white cry baby tree (Erythrina crista galli leucochlora ) SeedHello, I would really like to find any form of the white crista..cocochablis
Jul 13, 2015
requesthen and chick plant Plantbrendalee
May 12, 2015
requestboerhavia diffusa PlantHallo, I am looking for boerhavia diffusa plant,seeds. BRGRDS Pe..halmypeter
May 09, 2015
requestCitrus × aurantium ‘Bouquetier de Nice à Fleurs Doubles’ SeedLooking for seeds, contact me at for..tropicalgardener
Apr 28, 2015
offerDevils Club (Oplopanax horridus) SeedI'm looking to trade some organic wild harvested Devils clu..smilee101
Apr 13, 2015
offerSouth American Collection, San Pedro, Chacruna, Ayahuasca, etc. (Salvias, Psychotria, Trichocereus and more) Unrooted cutting*Gymnocalycium spp. ~ "Chin Cactus" *Browningia sp. ca..plantsandpeople
Mar 31, 2015
offerSouth American Collections, San Pedro, Chacruna, Ayahuasca, etc. (Salvias, Psychotria, Trichocereus) Seed>ORDER by EMAIL at or by PLACING Y..plantsandpeople
Mar 31, 2015
offerEvening primrose seeds (Oenothera biennis ) SeedAlso known as "Kings Cure-all", Evening Primrose has a..smilee101
Mar 19, 2015
requestAfrican violet Seedanyone having african violet ...pleaserubi
Jan 28, 2015
offerMoringa Seedrubi
Jan 28, 2015
requestmacbridea caroliniana Seedamaranto
Jan 21, 2015
requestconradina canescens Seedamaranto
Jan 21, 2015
requestclinopodium(satureja)multiflorum Seedamaranto
Jan 21, 2015
requestclinopodium mexicanum Seedamaranto
Jan 21, 2015
requestcalamintha coccinea Seedamaranto
Jan 21, 2015
requestmimulus puniceus Seedamaranto
Jan 21, 2015
requestmimulus aurantiacus Seedamaranto
Jan 21, 2015
requestantirrhinum microphyllum Seedamaranto
Jan 21, 2015
requestkeckiella cordifolia Seedamaranto
Jan 21, 2015
requestkeckiella antirrhinoides Seedamaranto
Jan 21, 2015
requestverbascum dumulosum Seedamaranto
Jan 21, 2015
requestjusticia californica Seedamaranto
Jan 21, 2015
requestanisacanthus quadrifidus Seedamaranto
Jan 21, 2015
requestSedge (Carex) SeedI'm looking for interesting seeds of native species of sedg..janda
Dec 31, 2014
offerVarious Plants seeds (Generic) SeedThese are seeds I have for change Please contact me FiLA Peperon..mrfila
Dec 20, 2014
requestGaruda Rambutan (Nephelium Bornensis) SeedI am requesting a quantity of seed of the Garuda Rambutan. Can y..davidh
Dec 15, 2014
requestWindow Box Roma Tomato SeedWindow Box Roma Hybrid grows as an Annual and is a Fruit. Being ..moseskingdom
Oct 24, 2014
requestSnakewood / letter wood tree (piratinera guianensis ) Seedcherieh
Sep 30, 2014
offercannabis - indica - sativa -ruderalis - hybrid (cannabis sativa l) Seedlooking to exchange cannabis - indica - sativa -ruderalis - hyb..homegrower
Sep 14, 2014
offerStapeliads (Asclepiads) Unrooted cuttingI am Yasir from Pakistan. I have more then 25 species of Stapeli..cactuslover
Jul 20, 2014
offerEpilobe(small flowers) (Epilobium parviflorum) SeedA medical savage plant against prostatic adenome. This plant pre..cbotanic
Jul 03, 2014
requestCitrus & Medicinal Plant SeedI am willing to pay for seeds and medicinal plants if anyone are..ytang91745
May 06, 2014
requestHawaiian baby woodrose (A nervosa ) SeedI need seeds or plants plantman
Apr 29, 2014
requestSan Pedro (Trichocereus) Unrooted cuttingNeed seeds ASAP or cuttings plantman
Apr 29, 2014
requestMimosa hostilis SeedLooking for seeds plantman
Apr 29, 2014
requestEdibles SeedI am looking to start a size-able garden to support my family an..thewallawallian
Apr 01, 2014
requestDragon Fruit Rooted cuttingI am looking for a couple of seedlings of the dragon fruit plant..shellyannmundy
Feb 27, 2014
requestEDIBLES (fruit, vegetable, & fungus) Rooted cuttingI am interested in anything that produces something edible! I ha..cszopa
Jan 25, 2014
requestCherry Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme) PlantI want this plant as soon as possible. Please help if anyone has..arnit
Jan 23, 2014
offerStapeliads (Asclepiads) Unrooted cuttingHi, I have many stapeliads, like Orbea,Caralluma,Stapelia,Huerni..cactuslover
Jan 08, 2014
offerestevia Seedcambio estevia por semillas de frutas ,ornamentales,medicinal .maria
Jan 02, 2014
offerpink silk tree or mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) SeedFeathery foliage with pink pompom flowers. Can be invasive.hedgewitch
Dec 30, 2013
offerPride of Barbados (Caesalpinia pulcherrima) SeedLovely feathery foliage with bright orange and yellow flowers. A..hedgewitch
Dec 30, 2013
offerHierloom Corn and Sunflower seeds SeedI have heirloom corn seeds - Golden Bantam Corn, Strawberry popc..hortongary
Dec 16, 2013
offerCalendula Bon Bon Mix SeedBenary Smile offers Calendula Bon Bon Mix flower seeds. Calendu..benarysmile
Nov 21, 2013
Nov 09, 2013

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