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Title More info By Date
offerHolly Hock Seeda ten foot tall pink/ white beautiful plantcarriefenn
Nov 15, 2008
offerCacti or Succulents (prickly pears and others) PlantI have several cacti and succulents if interested sadielady
Nov 08, 2008
requestPrincess Flower (Tibouchina) Seedzone8
Oct 10, 2008
offermoss roses PlantI have a large variety of moss roses available. If you are inte..paulad
Sep 27, 2008
offerWild violets - violas PlantI have three different wild violets in my garden, all in purple ..paulad
Sep 27, 2008
offerIris BulbI have two toned Iris available. If you are interested, let me ..paulad
Sep 27, 2008
offerlarge variety of SeedI have a large variety of seeds available. If you are intereste..paulad
Sep 27, 2008
requestany extremly rare seeds Seedi have sunflower seeds if anybody wants to trade herbalkid
Sep 20, 2008
requestMorning Glory SeedLooking for a deep purple variety jen
Sep 13, 2008
offerPlum Tomatoe Seedpackets of 25 seedsjen
Sep 13, 2008
Aug 25, 2008
offera variety of seeds SeedGenovese Basil Liatris Parsley Broccoli Dill chives Mixed sunflo..marygrether1
Aug 18, 2008
offersunflower (helianthus annuus) Seedlarge mix,some orange,5ft.,most tall(to 12 ft.)in varrying tones..owlet
Aug 08, 2008
requestmatillaja poppy,fried egg plant Planta large California native bush with 4 inch flowers in spring/sum..owlet
Aug 08, 2008
requestWhite Ginger (Hedychium coronarium) Seedzone8
Aug 05, 2008
offerFour O'Clock Seedzone8
Jul 06, 2008
requestFalse Indigo (Baptisia Australis) SeedWill send SESE or trade for False Indigo seeds.zone8
Jun 29, 2008
requestvariety of seeds needed SeedI need 6 of each of these seeds please. • Double Hollyhock Mi..taz
Jun 18, 2008
offerBaby's Breath (Covent Garden) SeedI am willing to trade this for Hibicus and or lilies or differen..hibiscusluvr
Jun 15, 2008
offerSnapdragon SeedI have some seed I would gladly send for some Hibiscus or lillie..hibiscusluvr
Jun 15, 2008
offerCalifornia Poppy SeedI have some that I would be willing to send in return for som Hi..hibiscusluvr
Jun 15, 2008
offerRed corn PoppyP.rhoeas(Botanic) (P.rhoeas(Botanic)) SeedI have some of this I would like to trade for any Hibiscus or l..hibiscusluvr
Jun 15, 2008
requestany plant SeedI am looking for any type of plant to grow(inside or outside) in..kmixon
Jun 10, 2008
offerWhite Trillium PlantLovely white flowers atop large green leaves. Bloom early spring..joann
May 15, 2008
requestconeflower (echinacea plant) PlantI have purple coneflower and am looking for other affordable var..joann
May 15, 2008
requestany Planti looking for any kind of house plants and or outside plants i ..flyinlow
May 08, 2008
requestRubbarb Seedgoiano
May 01, 2008
requestAny Succulents (Any) Unrooted cuttingI collect succulents and I was wondering if anyone would like to..dragonfly
Mar 26, 2008
offer"Ugly Orange" SeedThese are seeds for growing citrus rootstock which is one of two..mikemesquite
Mar 23, 2008
offerGum Arabic Acacia SeedI will trade seed for seed (I only have a few) and I am particul..mikemesquite
Mar 23, 2008
offerDaikon Radish SeedA gigantic white asian radish, 1 foot long is not unusual. Will ..mikemesquite
Mar 23, 2008
offerBlack Locust (Gledista sp.) SeedA fast growing NFT which grows beyond its normal range, great fo..mikemesquite
Mar 23, 2008
offerHoney Locust (Gledista sp.) SeedAn NFT, super fast growing and great for projects like mind recl..mikemesquite
Mar 23, 2008
offerUmbrella Acacia (A tortillis) SeedThe classic umbrella acacia of the African (and near Asian) dese..mikemesquite
Mar 23, 2008
offerTamarind SeedAn agricultural tree with a sugar-filled seed pod. Tropical and ..mikemesquite
Mar 23, 2008
offerGuaje SeedA Leguminous shrub native to tropical regions and an NFT. Will t..mikemesquite
Mar 23, 2008
requestbabys breath Seedim looking for any kind of flowers builbs or seeds to put in my..andysangel
Mar 07, 2008
offerMarigold SeedI have a ton of marigold seeds of various colors that i save eac..jljrcarlson
Feb 29, 2008
Feb 28, 2008
requestany PlantI am currently moving to a new apartment with a bay window. I ha..jennbergan
Feb 22, 2008
offerspider lillies BulbI just bought half acre of land and don't have much to trad..tiggyann
Feb 06, 2008
offerOleander SeedMixed colorszone8
Jan 15, 2008
requestOdora (Daphne) PlantWould like to find plant, seeds or rooted cuttings. Chetzone8
Dec 24, 2007
requestLenton Rose (Helleborus) PlantWould like to get Lenton Rose and Corsican. Would take seeds or..zone8
Dec 24, 2007
requestANy PlantHI there I am interested in just about anything. In particular ..sarahonline
Dec 15, 2007
offerConfederate Rose Seedzone8
Dec 13, 2007
requestSalvia Divinorum Unrooted cuttingI would like rooted or unrooted cutttings of this plant. myrick676
Dec 07, 2007
offerBleeding Heart "Red and White" Unrooted cuttingI have close to 100 bleeding heart cuttings. The flowers are wh..myrick676
Dec 07, 2007
requestgreen wandering jew Rooted cuttingi have the purple but can not find the green one i have a moses ..mousie2008
Nov 21, 2007
requestAngel Trumpet / Day Dreams (Brugmansia) Seedzone8
Nov 11, 2007

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