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offerZinnia SeedZinnia seeds of many colors - purple, red, orange, yellow, white..mfrohrer
Jul 01, 2013
offerKale (Dwarf Siberian kale) Seedmfrohrer
Jul 01, 2013
offerBeach Plum (Prunus maritima) PlantSmall bush with edible plums, easy to grow, even in sand and dun..gaardenier
Jun 20, 2013
offerNandina (Nandina domestica) PlantI have several plants of Nandina. Most are about a foot tall and..treehuggermomma
May 21, 2013
offeripomea ottis and many others (moning glory's ) Seedstripped, light blue w/red veins,light blue heavenly blue and ma..lilmom43
May 13, 2013
offerIris Bulbunknown color large breed iris, 30 bulbs; 18 Spanish bluebells, ..redbar
May 12, 2013
offerbelly of a budda Planti have belly of a budda plant for trade. it is over a year old ..aleighlaa
Feb 22, 2013
offerlots of plants Plantmixed iris. lemon grass. privet bush. chinese photenia bush. sp..mystee
Feb 05, 2013
offerlilies , dahlia , iris, daffs. PlantHi - I have these for trade; dahlia - 'sky angel' da..mystee
Feb 05, 2013
offerClemson Spineless Okra Seed20 seeds of Clemson spineless okra from my 2012 garden. Plants ..hollerbillyhill
Jan 30, 2013
offerAcorn Squash SeedI am offering 20 mixed acorn squash seeds from my 2012 garden. M..hollerbillyhill
Jan 30, 2013
offerBasil - italian (Ocimum basilicum) SeedExpiration date Dec 2013rainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerCucumber - marketmore variety (Cucumis sativus) SeedExpiration date Dec 2013rainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerPatty pan squash - white (Cucurbita pepo) SeedExpiration date Dec 2015rainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerMarshmallow (Althaea officinalis) Seedrainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerArnica (Arnica montana) Seedrainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerSorrel (Rumex acetosa) Seedrainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerBurnet (Sanguisorba Minor) Seedrainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerChard leaf beet (Beta vulgaris) Seedrainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerGiant chicory (Cichorium intybus) SeedExpiration date Dec 2014rainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerCress (Lepidium sativum) SeedExpiration date Dec 2014rainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerFlat leaf spinach (hybrid) (Spinacia oleracea) SeedEasier to wash than the regular leaf spinach. Expiration date De..rainy
Dec 26, 2012
offerYellow Candlestick Bush/Candlelabra Bush (Senna Alata/Cassia Alata) SeedWill trade seeds for sundew, venus flytrap, pitcher plant seeds,..moonfire
Oct 08, 2012
offerpitanga cherry brazil (Eugenia uniflora) SeedThe Surinam Cherry, Brazilian Cherry, or Cayenne Cherry (Eugenia..escorce
Sep 10, 2012
offerArctium lappa Seedthistlegarden
Apr 03, 2012
offerItalian Prune Plum Rooted cuttingHello, I have this kind of plum in my garden. I would love to sw..annasubix
Jan 29, 2012
offerJujube Plant Unrooted cuttingHello, I have in my garden Jujube plant. Would be happy to swap..annasubix
Jan 29, 2012
offerhyacinth bean vine SeedI have the some seeds for this hyacinth bean for trade.ddblake
Oct 24, 2011
offerMany types of seed for trade SeedFlowers Purple Datura Blue Batchelor Button Chinese Houses Fox G..lraley
Aug 31, 2011
offertropical cuttings Unrooted cuttingi have cuttings of several tropical plant such as : alpinia, plu..theo
Aug 31, 2011
offerLal Mirch (Red Chilli seeds) SeedChilli Seeds I offer seeds from Red Chilli no Hybrid all i suppl..rizjan
Aug 22, 2011
offerGolden Pathos Rooted Cuttings (Epipremnum aureum) Rooted cuttingI have some Golden Pathos rooted cuttings. They can reach a heig..wrightsfarm
Jul 11, 2011
offerBlackberry Plants (Rubus fruticosus) PlantI have Blackberry plants and roots, will trade for anything else..wrightsfarm
Jul 11, 2011
offerWest Indian pumpkin, squash, okra, scotch bonnet peppers (curbita pepo) SeedWest Indian pumpkin, squash with green skin, scotch bonnet peppe..tropical
Jun 18, 2011
offerSyringa (Syringa vulgaris) PlantNice perfumed flowers, very easy to grow up. I can exchange wit..ircv
Jan 25, 2011
offerChlorophytum (Chlorophytum comosum) PlantI can send in exchange with another plant.ircv
Jan 25, 2011
offerBuy Cannabis indica seeds SeedCannabis Indica origins come from countries like Tibet, Afghanis..cikashmir
Nov 28, 2010
offerbeans and peas Seedi have sugar snap peas and early serve bush beans they both harv..seedcrazy123
Oct 12, 2010
offerspider plant Planti have a spider plant and if anyone wants it tell me i only have..seedcrazy123
Oct 12, 2010
offerIris ensata cashmiriana seeds for sale SeedIris ensata seeds for sale Iris ensata cashmiriana Family name :..cikashmir
Sep 25, 2010
offerHazelnut seeds for sale (Corylus avellana ) SeedHazel seeds now available at: Qty: 50,100,200 seeds/pkt Chenab I..cikashmir
Sep 13, 2010
offerHybrid Daylily ( Hemerocallis ) PlantI have 400 Hybrid Daylilies of every color combination, shape an..parrotplaza
Sep 12, 2010
offerHowthorn cashmiriana (Crataegus oxycantha cashmiriana ) SeedWe are one of the premier registered Agriculture, Horticulture &..cikashmir
Sep 02, 2010
offerMORNING GLORY SEEDS SeedI have lots of Morning Glory seeds from different color flowers...prettyplants
May 11, 2010
offerMoonflower (Ipomea ) SeedMoonflowers are nocturnal bloomers, perfect for night owls and l..mtngreenthumb
Apr 23, 2010
offerrose of sharon Plantif you will reimburse me for postage i will send any one who wan..tallady00
Mar 17, 2010
offerRose of sharon PlantI have lots of small plants that i can easily mail. im willing t..tallady00
Mar 14, 2010
offerstrawberry Plantdocgoose
Mar 12, 2010
offerMammillaria prolifera Seed /ss92/king_hedes/cactus/Mammil..kinghedes
Mar 06, 2010
offerrosa canina,capsicum,phaseolus vulgaris,anethum graveolens (petroselinum) Seedbabancristian
Jan 26, 2010

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