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The whole mailing procedure sounds a bit complicated so it would be nice if I could find people close in NY (I live in Yonkers). I would be willing to do all the transplanting.
I would also like to practically give away my grape vines (red flame air layered and ready to go!) and strawberry plants. I probably should get rid of all my forsythia and hosta in the side corner of my house but I don’t see why anyone would want any of that. I also have some red trumpet vine it’s just too big for the places it’s in now and would like to be rid of it.
The plants I am interested in are but not just limited to:
Creeping Phlox, Magnolia Niger, rhubarb, blueberry, any clematis, any dogwood, any azalea, any smallish flowering perennial.
I certainly would trade all of the plants I listed if I could find a PERSIMMON!
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