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Date of offerAug 13, 2009 at 9:10pm

I'm looking for many seeds plants, I can trade for seeds from Brazil. You can see below part of my trade list or feel free to ask if I can get the seeds you are looking for (fruits, herbs and vegetables). I buy most of these seeds so the availability is just for swapping.
I have these to trade:
- I have some brazilian peppers (for example cambuci and biquinho, sweet long pepper, are not hot, but I can get some others hot like luna -Capsicum frutescens )
- Pendant cherry tomato yashi (yellow)
- Cherry tomato (red)
- Deer horn Okra
- Kale ornamental mixed
- Hawaian baby papaya
- Mini orange (kinkan orange)
- Herbs, like, catnip, parsley giant, sweet marjoram, oregano, welsh onion, sage, etc.
- physalis peruviana
- Square bell pepper (red and green)
- Maxixe (Cucumis anguria L.) - West Indian gherkin, Jamaica cucumber
- Scarlet eggplant - jiló (Solanum gilo)
- Orange lentil
- Melons
- Purple cauliflower
- Passion fruit
- Squash Round Blond
I am looking for:
- Mini bell peppers
- Naranjilla (lulo) - Solanum Quitoense
- Snail flower - Vigna caracalla or phaseolus caracalla
- Lemon cucumber - Cucumis sativus
- Miracle fruit - Synsepalum dulcificum
- Queen Anne's Pocket Melon or Tigger melon - Plum Granny or Dudaim Melon
- Pitaya
- Mini vegetables
- Red Burgundy Okra
- Rainbow Swiss chard
- Asparagus Pea -Lotus tetragonolobus
- Wonderberry or Sunberry - Solanum Burbankii
- Cranberry
- Carpers - Capparis spinosa L.
- Raspberry
- Gooseberry (Currant) - Phyllanthus distichus
- Mini yellow tamarillo - Cyphomandra betacea
- Cubiu (Maná cubiu) - Solanum sessiliflorum

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aygsui posted July 08, 2010 at 6:15 am
Hi, I am interested to exchange for your tomatoes yellow and red seeds & some herbs seeds. I have seeds from bonsai called "Wrightia religiosa" its with delightfully fragrant white flowers, I also have Kalanchoe plantlets, Pitaya plantlets, Sempervivum tectorum plantlets and Adenium obesum with pink trim white flowers (cutting).
tallady00 posted March 21, 2010 at 2:28 pm
hi i m from upstate ny. I have rose of sharon,beebalm,lily of the valley all plants i can send you. i would be interested in any of your bell or sweet pepper seeds. Robin
freshseed posted January 04, 2010 at 6:44 pm
Dear Sir, We are tropical plants gardener from solo central java Indonesia, We are willing to offer the following for fresh seeds on harvesting what we have avaible : # Artocarpus Champeden/Cempedak # Artocarpus Heterophyllus/ Nangka # Artocarpus Camansi/ Kluwih #Annona Muricata/Sirsak # Annona Squamosa/Srikaya # Durio petruk #Durio Matesih # Durio dulcis # Durio kutejensis # Camellia sinensis/tea # Clove # Coffe # Nutmeg/pala # Cacao/coklat # Cashew nut/mete # Baccaurea Montleyana/Rambai # Baccaurea Racemosa/Kapundung # Baccaurea Lanceolata/Kapul fruits bornensis # Bixa Orellana/batik tree # Bouea Macrophylla/Gandaria # Cynometra cauliflora/Nam-nam # Diosprios Blancoi/mentega # Lancium Domesticum/Duku # Stelechocarpus Burahol/Kepel # Flacaourtia Inermis/Lovi-lovi # Feronia Limonia/Kawis # Garcinia Mangostana/Manggis # Garcinia Parvifolia/Asam kandis # Garcinia Atroviridis/Asam Gelugur # Garcinia Dulcis/Mundu # Pometia Pinnata/Matoa # Tangkuhis fruits from Pontianak # Kalangkala fruits bornensis # Nephelium Maingayi Sungkit NOHairs # Nephelium Rambutan Ake # Nephelium Garuda Bornensis/ Giant Rambutan # Nigella Sativa/jinten hitam # Zapote #Gnetum gnemon/mlinjo # Syzgium cumini/duwet # Sandoricum Koetjape/Kecapi # Mangifera casturi/Kasturi bornensis # Mangifera Caesia/Kemang,Binjai. # Maritam Bornensis/Rambutan hutan bornensis # Hambawang Bornensis # Jinalun Bornensis #Tampirik Bornensis # Eugenia Aquea/Jambu Klampok # RED Averhoa blimbi bornensis/Belimbing Merah hutan #Ochthocharis Bornensis/ Karamunting If you interested,please advise me. Best Regards, Ulin