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natureman is offering Natureman (Succulants plants) Plant

Common NameNatureman
Botanical nameSucculants plants
Date of offerDec 03, 2009 at 9:25pm

For the Cactis and succulents plants lovers.
I have more then a hundred succulent plants to exchange or for sales. I'm offering well rooted plants from various species of this genus. I grow them as indoors plants, but they thrives as well in an summer oudoors garden or in flower box and pots.

Listing of plants available:
Plant from various hight: Crassula oblata (Jade), Crassula oblata monstruosa (finger type), Gasteria, Hatiora salicornioides, Portucalaria afra 'Tricolore'. Rhipsalie cereuscula and other type availables are for example gracious and perfect for those shady rooms in your house as well are charming in a wall vases. My list of plants is to extended to name them all.
Since some of them roots easily from there leafs or cuttings, this is an easier way to start your own collections.
From my experience everybody have somewhere inside them a true connection with those plant even the more unexpected one's.
Charming for giving tropical accent to any room. Appreciate as a present for all occasion for adult and for kids as well. These plants are not demanding in terms of care.
Being a good nature man I would appreciate any news or comments from anyone who is a true lover and grower of cacties and succulents themself for further exchange.
Being a humanist, my purpose in life is to make my property a place dedicated for well being and acceptence. For that matter, I'm open to receive 'Gay' guest from all over the world and offering my assistance and a place for spiritual growth in a georgeous naturel surrounding.
You are all wellcome. Thank's you!
Waiting for serious answers,

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babancristian posted January 26, 2010 at 11:58 pm