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lraley is offering Many types of seed for trade Seed

Common NameMany types of seed for trade
Date of offerAug 31, 2011 at 5:12pm

Purple Datura
Blue Batchelor Button
Chinese Houses
Fox Glove
Orange Trumpet Vine
White Datura
Birdhouse Gourd
Red Cypress Vine
Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine
Pink Rose of Sharon
Milk Thistle
Violet Giant Zinnia
Didiscus Caeruleus Lacy Blue
Palmer’s Penstemon
Pink Foxglove
Purple Foxglove
Mix Foxglove
Hardy Moss Verbena
Lobelia Crystal Palace
Pink Sea Blush
Mixed Coral Bell
Digitalis Foxglove
Baby’s Breath
Moroccan Toadflax Snapdragon (Mixed)
Italian Crimson Clover
Cleome Queen Mixed
Common Lavender
Blue Star Sea Holly
Centaurea Rose Pink
Kochia Green
Iberis (Mixed)
Primula Acaulis Hybrid
Cleome Pink
Goldfish Plant
Origanum Majorana
Herbs & Vegetables
Musk Melon
Cellery Tall Utah
Carrot Little Finger
Cabbage Red Acre
Iceberg Lettuce
Burdock Herb
Mustard Southern Giant
Brussel Sprouts
Eggplant Black Beauty
Dark Opal Basil
Please LMK if you have any seeds to trade that I don't already have. Thanks

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mfrohrer posted July 01, 2013 at 8:28 pm
Hello! You have lots of neat flower seeds that I'm interested in. I have zinnia seeds (mixed colors), marigolds, cockscomb, kale seeds, and other vegetable seeds also. Let me know if you'd be interested in a trade. Thanks and have a good day!