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moonfire is offering Yellow Candlestick Bush/Candlelabra Bush (Senna Alata/Cassia Alata) Seed

Common NameYellow Candlestick Bush/Candlelabra Bush
Botanical nameSenna Alata/Cassia Alata
Date of offerOct 08, 2012 at 7:26pm

Will trade seeds for sundew, venus flytrap, pitcher plant seeds, different veggies I don't have (just ask me), perrenials for zone 8b I don't have (again just ask), or postage (2- 1st class stamps)
These are subtropical to tropical trees/bushes that get between 12 and 16 feet high and 6 to 12 feet around depending on how you keep them trimmed back or let them grow...they have large leaves that close in evening and open in morning...they have long yellow rod flowers pods that are between 4 and 9 inches long...they grow best in zones 8 and zone 8 will need to be cut back before winter and mulched and will come back next spring...seeds were harvested in Florala, AL, USA and are fresh September/October 2012 seeds

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