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plantsandpeople is offering South American Collections, San Pedro, Chacruna, Ayahuasca, etc. (Salvias, Psychotria, Trichocereus) Seed

Common NameSouth American Collections, San Pedro, Chacruna, Ayahuasca, etc.
Botanical nameSalvias, Psychotria, Trichocereus
Date of offerMar 31, 2015 at 12:50am

>ORDER by EMAIL at or by PLACING YOUR ORDER on!< Please visit the Ethnobotany Shop @ to see our intriguing collection of organic ethnobotanicals from around the world!
We have many plants, seeds and items for sale or trade. Check my website and the list below or just email me at if your interested.
*Annona cherimola ~ "Cherimoya" - seed packet
*Capsicum spp. ~ "Bhut Jolokia": The World's Hottest Pepper - seed packet
*Capsicum spp. ~ "Cherry Bomb"- seed packet
*Coleus spp. ~ "???"- Beautiful mix of home grown Coleus of various species. - seed packets and plants
*Datura stramonium - seed packet (Inquire for plants)
*Ilex vomitoria ~ "Yaupon Holly" - seed packet (Inquire for plants)
*Marrubium vulgare ~ "Horehound" -
*Melissa officinalis ~ "Lemon Balm"
*Passiflora incarnata ~ "Passion Flower"
*Phytolacca americana ~ "Pokeweed/Inkberry" (Inquire for plants)
*Prunus japonica ~ "Korean cherry" or "Oriental Bush cherry"
*Prunus spp. ~ "Cherry" (commerical variety)
*Psychotria viridis ~ "Chacruna" (Organic red berries plucked from the plant right before your package is shipped, as fresh as possible! We can ship the seeds either in the fruit or cleaned, just let us know!)
*Silybum marianum ~ "Milk Thistle"
*Salvia officinalis ~ "Sage"
*Matricaria recutita ~ "German Chamomile" seeds
*Salvia nubicola
*Mistole Toe seeds
*Smilax "Bull-Briar"
*Morning Glory, Heavenly Blue
~~~ Plants ~~~
*Albizia julibrissin ~ "Happiness Tree" or "Silk Tree"
*Aloe vera ~ “Aloe”
*Artemisia absinthium ~ "Wormwood"
*Datura stramonium
*Ficus spp. ~ "Fig tree"
*Japanese Maple
*Marrubium vulgare ~ "Horehound"
*Melissa officinalis ~ "Lemon Balm"
*Mentha piperita; M. balsamea ~ "Peppermint"
*Passiflora incarnata ~ "Passion-Flower"
*Phytolacca americana ~ "Pokeweed/Inkberry"
*Prunus japonica ~ "Korean Cherry"
*Rubus idaeus ~ "Raspberry" -
*Sassafras albidum ~ "Sassafras"
*Urtica dioica ~ "Stinging Nettle"

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