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plantsandpeople is offering South American Collection, San Pedro, Chacruna, Ayahuasca, etc. (Salvias, Psychotria, Trichocereus and more) Unrooted cutting

Common NameSouth American Collection, San Pedro, Chacruna, Ayahuasca, etc.
Botanical nameSalvias, Psychotria, Trichocereus and more
Date of offerMar 31, 2015 at 12:51am

*Gymnocalycium spp. ~ "Chin Cactus"
*Browningia sp. cactus
~~~ 2015 South American Expedition Collections ~~~~
*Plantain - Platago sp. Peru
*Tobacco seeds, chavin de huantar, Ancash, Peru
*Mamay, fruit seed
*Fuchsia sp. (Boliviana?), Quoariquancha, Cusco, Peru
*Datura sp., Botanical Gardens of Minsterio de Salud, Jesus Maria, Lima, Peru
*Brugmansia sanguinea, Cusco, Peru
*Cactus, medium sized, erect colomur cactus, Matucana, Peru
*Hylocereus? yellow fruit, lima market, peru
*Polylepis sp., Cusco, Peru
*Heliconiacea, Salkantay trek, Cusco, Peru
*Brugmansia, white, Manu, Peru
*Cyclanthera pedata or "kaywa" - Andean cucumber like fruit used like vegetable. Seed collected in Cusco, Peru.
~~~ Special Offers ~~~
*Anadenanthera sp. "Willka", "Yopo", "Cebil" - seed packet
*Mushroom Spore Print (Panaelous sp.?) Lares, Peru
*Psychotria viridis - $10 per plant or a bundle of thre plants for $20 (includes 3+ medium sized plants, GET THEM NOW AND ILL THROW IN AN EXTRA ONE FOR FREE!)
*Trichcoereus bridgesii var. monstrose (Large, Clone B clumping/)
*Trichocereus terscheckii
*Ayahsasca plant pre order
*Aya + Charchura pre order
*Salvia divinorum "Luna" strain/clone live plant w/ shipping included -
1 plant = $35
2 plants = $60
3 plants = $75
4 plants = $100
5 plants = $120
To place an order email me then mail a letter to the address given with which you MUST include your email address, shipping address, payment via money order (use US postal or money gram) or cash and a list of the items which you wish to receive.
In order to receive your plant you MUST email me at! I prefer cash payment in U.S. dollars, but money orders are acceptable. If you wish to pay with a money order then leave the name portion of the money order blank. The minimum order is $30, with some exceptions made. No order will be shipped until cash payment received.
International shipping also includes a $30-50 shipping/customs fee. Within the U.S.A. shipping is normally around $10 for small to medium sized packages. Orders

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